Side Effects Of Alcoholism

Side Effects of Alcoholism

With the current bad financial crisis worldwide there is an air of negativity for millions of people’s future. Unemployment is on the rise, and with the stress of money issues and providing for families has become a problem causing depression for a high proportion of individuals. Depression is bad enough but sadly, it doesn’t stop there as those who feel they have no hope often suffer from addiction.

Addiction can provide a much needed feeling of relief, something to cling to since life appears so challenging at times. One of the worst addictions on the rise is the potentially fatal alcoholism. Like all addictions, alcoholism is a disease. A dependence on anything can be unhealthy but alcohol is a drug, it can destroy the body and becoming addicted to a drug can lead to a premature fatality.

It all starts out with binge drinking which is why so many teenagers have a higher chance of becoming alcoholics later on in life. Too many teenagers do it because of peer pressure and to fit in with the crowd. Then there are the few they become exposed to it at an early age simply because their parents or guardian are either casual or heavy drinkers at home. A young child or teenager is then likely to mimic this behavior and that is where the real problems begin.

The symptoms of alcohol addiction and abuse can begin with problems, such as fits of rage and impulsiveness after long binges. This can lead to problems with the law, injuries, destructive behavior and issues with work. Neglecting what they normally consider important such as their career is a big symptom. It shows nothing matters anymore other than their next drink. A dependency has already been formed at this stage and it really is demonstrating the alcoholism side effects at the very beginning.

Side Effects of Alcoholism

A shocking number of deaths worldwide happen annually due to drinking and driving. This is a bad side effect cause by carelessness. Sadly it can take a dramatic incident for the person with the illness to realize they actually have a problem. Admittance is the first step to a healthier life. It can be comforting to attend an AA or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and talk to other people who suffer from the same addiction.

Not only will it offer some insight into the alcoholism side effects and dangers, but also give a safe place to talk with people who understand exactly what is happening and how it feels. It is good to talk openly and admittance is the most important part of getting better.

Key information that can help someone overcome their problem is the harsh reality of the damage done to your liver and body due to regular consumption of drugs. Alcohol effects the mind, and this can be through difficulty speaking, loss of balance and personality, reckless behavior and other feelings that can cause anti-social behavior.

It is never good to feel out of control, loss of inhibitions is a dangerous thing and the more drink consumed, the more inhibitions are weakened leaving us helpless. There is always someone willing to take advantage of someone in a weakened state; this is a frightening reality check.

Weight gain and the infamous “beer belly” is a sign of heavy drinking, especially beer. There are a lot of calories inside, as much as eating heavily salted treats and fattening deserts. Premature outbreaks of wrinkles, greying hair, and acne, plus facial flushing are also side effects of this addiction. Anyone who cares about their appearance can be easily swayed away from this habit once they learn the truth of the badness inside their beverage of choice.

Then there are the diseases and higher risk rates for alcoholics. Famous figures such as George Best who was a well-known alcoholic with liver cancer really hit the media spotlight and showed the potential risks of the side effects of alcoholism. It can be disturbing to see such a popular sporting figure fall apart and be mourned by millions. Sadly it takes certain instances like this to show what can happen when alcohol begins to ravage the body and spread like a virus to all the organs that help us functions as humans. Reality can be a scary thing.

Forming a dependency on drinking should be avoided at all costs. When the warning signs of alcoholism are there it is important to intervene and form an intervention for the abuser. Family and friends should get involved, show they care and explain how they feel. When the abuser sees the people they love the most suffering because of their habit, it can open their eyes and hopefully instill a desire to seek help. Life is difficult right now for so many people, so turn to the ones you love the if they struggle with the side effects of alcoholism, which will worsen their problems over time, and the end result could even be a fatality.

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