Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism is an incredibly serious disease, one that affects millions of men, women and even children worldwide. The term alcoholism refers to the consumption of alcoholic liquor in an abusing manner. Some people drink alcohol in a social fashion, but when it becomes too much and you are drinking just to feel normal or to feel happy, you have a problem. You are addicted to alcohol and there are stages in which this disease develops.

The first stage for most people is trying alcohol to start with. They may try alcohol when they are younger and still in school or wait until they are older to have their first drink. In any case, in most instances this is not when a person will become addicted to the alcohol. They begin drinking on and off socially, or may start drinking due to a stressful or traumatic situation. They continue to drink because it makes them feel good and then when they try to stop, they realize that they feel different than they did before. They crave the alcohol and start to experience withdrawals as a result of it.

The stages of alcoholism can vary from one person to the next, depending on what it was that initially triggered them to drink and what reasons they have for continuing to drink. Once they continue drinking for a long period of time, over a few months or years, they become dependent and that is when the problems arise.

If you are addicted to alcohol, once you stop drinking it you will notice an assortment of emotional and physical symptoms. This may include anything from headache and nausea to stomach pain and anxiety. Everyone is different and each person can experience different side effects as a result. Typically, the longer you are an alcoholic, the harder it will be once you try to stop. Your brain and body have literally become dependent on alcohol and are in turn unable to function normally without it. At least for the first little while after you get off the alcohol.

Alcoholism Recovery

Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms is one of the most challenging aspects of alcoholism. If you are trying to get off the alcohol, you are going to experience these symptoms and it is going to make you want to start drinking again, just to feel normal. The important thing to remember is that you will feel back like your regular self again, but only if you deal with the withdrawal symptoms and push through, without abusing alcohol again. You need to give your brain and body time to get back to normal, to realize that you can function without alcohol.

Once you are aware of the alcoholism stages, you can recognize when someone is developing the disease of alcoholism and may even be able to ward it off. Recovery is the most difficult part of dealing with alcoholism, especially if this is an addiction you have been battling for quite some time, it can be very challenging to overcome it. If you want to get started in recovery, the best thing you can do is get yourself checked into a rehab facility.

Here they will talk to you about the stages of alcoholism, how to deal with your withdrawal symptoms, and attempt to solve any underlying problems. For most people, there is some sort of circumstance that did trigger them to drink, whether they had an alcoholic parent or went through a traumatic experience and started drinking to deal with the stress.

When you start looking for a treatment center, keep a few things in mind. Namely, that means considering what you would want to find in a rehab center, where you would feel comfortable and have the best chances of overcoming your addiction to alcohol. You can always ask around for referrals to get more information and learn more about the facilities available to you.

Some people find that getting away to a rehab center that is miles away is the best option, to get them away from people who are enabling them or otherwise causing issues in their life that are not beneficial to their situation. If you are around people who are causing you stress and strife, you may want to get away from them during your recovery period.

No matter how long you have been struggling with alcohol addiction, you can get better. There is always reason to be positive and know that you can regain your life back. It is paramount to stay motivated and optimistic through the process, even though it will be one of the most trying times of your life. Recovering from alcohol addiction is never easy, so you cannot expect it to be a simple process. However, with the right group of people around you helping you through and supporting you, you can get better once and for all.

Generally after a year into recovery it has gotten a good foundation and then there is maintenance one needs to do to stay away from relapse, such a continuing in with the program that got them through the first year. Aside that, the first week is the most grueling of alcoholism recovery stages, and then the new month or so will be challenging with emotions that arise that can’t just be squashed away with alcohol. Then essentially one will want to stick with a recovery program for the rest of the year. Many say that if you drank every day, you should take part in your recovery processes every day.

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